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Thursday, October 29, 2015

#CheekyCow ~ We've found our #Homestead #OffGrid

So, I was all ready to be 100% on board with blogging and sharing my little corner of trial and error while trying to build my homestead and mini-ranch. I moved here four years ago to start this and it's been a real struggle. Anything that could go wrong, probably has on my way to figuring everything out.

My first property, I rented sight unseen to just get moved into the area. Needless to say, the 5 acres was pretty much all rock and we had predators like crazy killing off any stock I had. When I started leaving guardian dogs outside, my livestock were OK, but neighbors called the sheriff every day complaining at night because the dogs would bark (scaring off coyotes and owls). So, I had to bring the dogs in and - well -  there went most of the rest of my stock.

Frustrated and giving up, I moved a year and half later to a different rental on less than an acre, brought my dogs and said forget the rest. Then, a few months later, realized I really didn't want to give up. Things worth doing are never easy. So, I started gaining livestock again, but with very little room.

Now, to the reason I've not been blogging and getting "out there" as planned - I finally found my home. And I'm buying it. I'll have to really get busy on the homemade sales and livestock breeding as it's not going to be cheap (honestly I'm a little scared), but in 15 years - all 40 acres will be mine. And it's off grid (something else I've really wanted since moving out here). There are solar panels and a wind generator as well as a well. We close around mid-November and I can't wait. I am a little bummed about moving during holiday season, but not much choice.

That all being said - I'll be sharing the next step in my homesteading journey along with the new things I learn about living off grid.


  1. We are looking for our forever homestead too. I am happy for you that you found yours! Good luck with the move!

    1. It took so long to find. But I do think, with a lot of hard work, this will be the perfect place. The views are absolutely beautiful - I can't wait to share more.

      Good luck finding yours :)

  2. Best Wishes to You! There's nothing quite like country living, it brings us closer to the things that really matter in life.