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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Losing #Faith and Gaining it Back ( Please note this post has #religious content)

2016is going to bring a lot of changes to my family. After years of  "doing my own thing" I am finally ready to begin my journey back to church. It's been a long road.

It's difficult to lose your faith. It's easy to say "I don't believe in anything I can't see." It's even harder to have nothing to base your hopes on. No greater power than yourself.

I lost my faith when I was 16. Several times I've almost journeyed back. Each time, it wasn't more than a thought that lasted a week or two. I was comfortable, I suppose. It's hard to break old habits. My new home is very close to a church. I decided I should take it for a sign. (I know, it may or may not have been, but to me, it was the world's way of telling me, I'd been gone too long from something I used to enjoy.)

When I was younger it was ~ Church every Sunday morning and night, Church every Wednesday night. Then there was Quizzing when I became 12. We used to compete with other churches on various question from the Bible. Then there was also Vacation Bible School each summer. It was something I always looked forward to.

I even helped to teach Sunday School, vacation bible school, and helped out in the church nursery.

My children have never attended.

I've not pointed them to or from the church at this point. I've told them it needed to be their choice ~ their journey ~ when they were old enough to make the decision. Yes, I suppose I am going back on my word, as I am going to be asking them to come with me. At least for a couple of months. Once they've given it a chance, I imagine it's their choice then.

I grew up in a different church setting than the one I am about to discover. But I am looking forward to it. I tell my children everything happens for a reason ~ I've always blamed Karma. It's time I took my own phrase a little more seriously.

A friend picked me up for a bible study she's been going to several months on Wednesday evening. It's not through the church she attends on Sunday's - this one is more local to both of us.

I have to say I was overly surprised. First, it was nice to walk in with someone that had been going for a time - plus not being alone around people I don't know. I live in a very small town and many people keep to themselves. I knew no one in attendance other than my friend. Most walked up and introduced themselves, many even hugged me. I hadn't known what to expect, so I'd brought nothing with me. I guess I should have known better. Anyway, people there had pens and highlighters, bibles and notebooks. I shared with my friend and a little after halfway through, the minister's wife gifted me with a bible with a cover. (will share a picture in a later post). As we were leaving, many once again came up and hugged me or shook my hand and told me they hoped I'd return the following week.

~~#Faith posts will be about our spiritual journey. if you are offended or do not care for the topic, please skip over it. There will continue to be a lot of other content here over 2016.~~


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