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Friday, November 13, 2015

#Review - #Triberr - The Numbers Don't Lie

Initial Details About My Membership: I am in 12 tribes with 268 tribemates and a reach of over 1 million. I purchased their $10 a month membership so that I could create a large tribe of my own (if I wished) as well as approve 150 posts at a time (rather than 100 as I share everyone - which is really the principle - but more on that later).

For those that are unfamiliar with Triberr -  It's a networking platform that you join. You add your twitter (and facebook and LinkIn if you wish) as well as your blog(s). Then you join tribes. The concept is your blog posts get shared on twitter by other members of your tribe - meaning everyone should share all posts. That means, essentially, since I have 268 tribemates - EACH of my posts should be shared 268 times each.

I decided I really wanted to get the details of one of my blog posts out there. Plus I was curious. So, I paid the $5 for their "sticky post" option. This leaves your post at the top of the feed until it is hidden by members or shared.

This was the post I wanted "sticky"

Join Me: #Challenge #2016 ~ Journaling Through the #Bible #FCjournaling?

My days are over with my promotion and my starts are:

A whole 6 shares (one of which was me). Really? So, I paid $5 for 5 others to share. 

So, I decided to investigate share numbers on my other posts that go through triberr.

Welcome to The Cheeky Cow #CheekyCow #homestead -- 2 shares

Welcome ~ To Kitchen, With Love -- 3 shares

#Recipe #Desert ~ Sugar Cream Pie -- 2 shares

#CheekyCow ~ We've found our #Homestead #OffGrid -- 1 Share

Product Review ~ CARAFE Water cup with two-compartment pill box inside the cap -- 1 share

New Project ( #crochet #crafts #handmade) -- 2 shares

#Book #Review ~ Home Learning Year by Year: How to Design a #Homeschool #Curriculum from Preschool Through High School -- 2 shares

**By this time, I'm pretty depressed - so I looked for ones that had more than just a couple

Homemade: Infused Water ~ Take a little #summer along for the #winter -- 9 shares

Want to make your own #EvaporatedMilk ? ( #FromScratch #Homemade ) -- 9 shares

#Homeschool: Worried About Transcripts For Your High School Student? -- 8 shares

#TBT - Where to start Planning ( #Homesteading #Planning #SelfSufficient #Goats #Chickens ) -- 8 shares

Every other post was 6 or less and many people are clearing their streams, muting me, and/or hiding posts (because it also shows how many are awaiting approval).

This is one of those networks that don't work unless everyone puts in equal effort. It's a great concept. But it only works if everyone plays fair and does their part. I share EVERYONE (unless it's not family friendly - I think I've skipped 3 posts since I started on Triberr).

 Do you use triberr? Want a tribe that WILL share EVERY post? Keep in mind, you also have to do the same. Fair is Fair. If you're answer is yes, and you are 100% FAMILY FRIENDLY, please join here: Family Friendly We Share Everyone


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