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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Telling Tales ~2: #Homeschooling

Each week I'm going to try to bring a little of my experience with homeschool right here. Some of you may have experienced it, some of you most likely will...some may be fortunate enough to have everything run smoothly. In any case, I do hope you'll join me each week for some tidbits.
(Please feel free to send me your myths...I'll see if I can prove them correct or incorrect in upcoming features -
Myth #2: Only religious families homeschool.
INCORRECT -- While I did come from a religious family, that ended shortly before I turned 16. I didn't even think about church or religion for years (and years). Just over the last two years have I been learning to find my faith again (yes, 20+ years later). So, for the longest time, we were a non-religious homeschooling family.

Homeschool really isn't about religion. It's about your children being provided a better education. Yes, it works well for religious families as they can choose a more bible based curriculum and/or work daily devotions into their homeschool setting.

But the main thing to remember, no matter your religious beliefs - your child(ren) deserves the best education they can get and, more times than not, that is within the walls of your own home.


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